2024 Fitness Visioning Event

Saturday, 16 December 23
10:00 - 11:30am
Live: Heroic Fitness Adventures
6365 Carlson Dr, Eden Prairie
MN 55346
Virtual: Zoom

In this inaugural event, each participant will have the opportunity to dream, and vision changes they would like to manifest in the first three months of 2024 (Jan 1st through March 23rd). We will engage in creative/artistic practices as a group to set intentions for the changes we are feeling called to manifest in 2024! This event is open to ANYONE: Personal Training Clients, Nia practitioners, or anyone who is looking for a positive place to generate changes. Event structure is listed below:

10:00 am: Welcome
10:05 am: Event Orientation
10:10 am: Vision Board Creation
10:45 am: Writing 12-Week Fitness/Movement Plan
11:15 am: Wishes for Positive Change
11:30 am: Closing